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I wrote my last journal entry nearly a year ago - so I think it's time for an update. A few days ago I turned 21 and I really have the impression time's flying by..

The first semester of this year I made exchange studies in France. It was great but it was also over way too soon. I'm missing terrible all the nice people I met there. I learned a lot and I will never forget these months in my whole life.

Now however I'm back in Austria. I'm about to write my bachelor's thesis and finish the first part of my studies. I got already accepted to continue with the master studies next year so no surprises to expect there..

I'm sharing an apartment with two of my best friends and it works out really well. I like my new room and I love the furnishing. (It did cost me quite a bit of money however...)

So life's literally steadily flowing on and before one notices another (great) year has passed...
Still one month to go and hopefully my life will consist of more than eating, sleeping and learning again! (The weather's so nice - I really want to go outside and do some sports.. But I'm STUCK!)

In September I'm going to move to France for a semester abroad. Normally I should be looking forward to this but at the moment it feels more like a burden. Lots of paperwork and complications.. And before that I'll be working all summer long - so no holidays for me this year.

What I'm really looking forward to is returning to Austria in Jannuary because then I'll start sharing an appartement with my best friend. Tomorrow I'm going to see the appartement for the first time and I can choose which room will be mine. I'm already thinking about furniture and decoration (I want a chandelier!) even though I'll only be moving in in February 2012. Haha I guess it's what keeps me going at the moment..

Well my life's definitely going to change troughout the next year...
  • Listening to: the voices in my head..
  • Reading: far too much university stuff
  • Watching: the nice weather outside -__-
I'm learning for tomorrow's (oh ok meanwhile it's today's) test at the moment.. Still some way to go.. I have to write six tests during the next three weeks so bye bye freetime! See you Jannuary 27th! Guess that means no taking photos for a while too.. -__-
  • Listening to: What you make it Da Da..
  • Reading: Manufacturing Engineering lecture notes
  • Eating: chocolat, potato crisps, various cookies...
  • Drinking: Ice Tea